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He Levitates Objects – He Escapes from Things – He Amazes & Mystifies – He Brings the MAGIC!

The magic of Doug Dern offers a unique brand of magic and comedy. If you are looking to bring a little magic to your event and want some live entertainment that will impress all then call The Magic of Doug Dern to book your next event. The Magic of Doug Dern is located in Southeast Michigan. My magic has been time tested, doing magic for over 27 years. I have performed magic all over the world. I have opened for rock bands, performed for celebrities, entertained at over 100’s of birthday parties, been a street performer, performed at restaurants, and many, many corporate banquets. My act is that of a classical magician. My act is unique in that I am a bit of an illusionist that can perform in small and large venues. If you are hosting an event and you want to look like a genius then you owe it to yourself to call me, The Magic of Doug Dern.

Looking for an Emcee? If you are hosting an event and you need a master of ceremonies with a magical flair that will make you event flow. An experienced magician might be your solution. The magic of Doug Dern is a great solution. A well versed funny entertainer with a perfect magical routine that will make your show smooth.

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The Possibilities With Magic Are Endless

I have been performing 27 years as a magician, 100’s of birthday parties, 1,000’s of magic shows, a Venice beach escape artist, Corporate Banquets, and even performed at the Improve in Hollywood, The Comedy store, The Laugh Factory, The Oakland County boat club, preformed for Cici’s, Pepsi, Main Street Winery, as well as some of the finest restaurants in North America.

I specialize in 3 areas of performing, After Dinner Banquets, Daycare Centers and Schools, and Birthdays Parties. If you are hosting one of these events, and you want to be the person to dazzle and bring magic into the lives of others, call right now for a booking. I book quickly and I stay busy so don’t delay. Call The Magic of Doug Dern today!

Ready to book your next event? If you think you can’t afford a live entertainer is dazzle your event think again. Although I do this for a living and I am a professional I still have affordable fees. I have a passion for my art. I love to give the joy and beauty of magic. To book me call 810-919-6339, email info@michiganmagicshow.net or fill out the contact form above.

After Dinner Banquet Show

Dinner Banquet Image

If you are hosting an event and you want after dinner entertainment a magic show is a great option. My act is fun, friendly, clean and family oriented. I bring magic and laughs. The length of my after dinner banquet show is between 45 minutes and 1 hour and has a variety of effects. I feature a table levitation, sawing a woman ion half, a Houdini tribute, mentalism, and amazing magic tricks. It is a unique blend of mystery and comedy. This show is very exciting and everyone will have fun. And you will look like a genius for booking me. The fees for my show are reasonable. You will get a lot of bang for your buck. This is a professional act that will bring a memorable experience. To book me for your next Dinner Banquet Show call me at 810-919-6339 or email me at info@michiganmagicshow.net.

Daycare Centers and Schools

Local Magic Show

My care care program is designed to entertain the children with comedy and magic. It gives the kids a chance to experience the art of magic. Seeing a magician at such a young age can give a child a sense of amazement and enchantment. This show offers characters such as “Doug the Magic Cowboy” The magic is tailored to suit a day care with something for everyone. The kids will laugh and be amazed. They will remember the happiness of this experience for their whole life.
My school program is designed to educate the kids with magic. I have different programs. My school magic is the best. The kids will love it. Kids love to see their friends on stage. It brings lots of laughs and a positive message. This is a fun show for all. To book me for your next Daycare Center or School Show call me at 810-919-6339 or email me at info@michiganmagicshow.net.

Birthday Parties

Michigan Magic Dern

The connection between magic and birthday parties is well know. When I tell people I’m a magician the first question I get ask is” Do you do birthday parties?” Over the years I have learned to make birthday parties a fun filled event. My act is that of a classic magician. My kids birthday party is a lot of fun and good magic. It puts a smile on everybody’s face. Although I do not do balloon animals because I am busy focused on the magic my show will have your party in stitches. If you want to be a hit and have a successful party a little magic is just what the doctor ordered. That prescription is fun, fun, fun. To book me for your next Birthday Party Event call me at 810-919-6339 or email me at info@michiganmagicshow.net.

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